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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

An Introduction


This post is just an introduction to the blog more than anything else really, so don't expect anything that relevant to Saim Hann now (that comes in the next few days!)

Despite not playing 40k for the past few years (my only army so far has been Tau, I think that explains my lack of playing!), I have kept reading all the blogs out here on the web, as I've found them interesting, and have kept me interested in the game while I haven't had time to play. So, now I've found the time (and the money!), I've decided to start again, but with a new army (no prizes for guessing which...)

I plan to add to this blog all that: tactics, painting, modelling and bat reps which I can, so be patient, and we should have some more posts up by the end of the week,

More to follow; look out for:

  • My standard 1500 list
  • Seer Council Conversion
  • How to Paint Eldar
  • 500 point Battle reports

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