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Monday, 20 June 2011

Bitz and Conversion Ideas

My collection of bits for conversions on the jetbikes

I've just placed the order for my final set of bitz for Saim Hann force. You might be asking yourself why would I need these bitz? Don't the Eldar jetbikes come with everything you would need already?

Well, the answer is yes, but I don't just want an ordinary army, I don't want to just say "these jetbikes are counting as my seer council"; so I've searched the internet and come up with some ideas.

As you can probably see in the picture, there are a variety of parts, so far I've got:

  • Guardian heads
  • Dire Avenger heads (and an Exarch one)
  • Eldar swords and spears
  • Dire Avenger torsos
  • I've also got some Guardian torsos on the way

The current GW jetbike model

Firstly, I don't really like the torsos on the Guardian jetbikes, they just don't seem to look right, so I plan to swap them all out with Guardian torsos and also replacing their tall heads for standard Guardian heads. I think this will give them a more uniform theme within the current eldar models. 

Now, I've got some Dire Avenger heads, torsos and weapons; they are for the plastic Seer council conversions. I took inspiration form this image I found on Dakka Dakka

As you can see, it gives them a more distinctive look and will easily separate them from the rest of the force. They will also be painted with a higher black content than the other standard guardian jetbikes. I plan to use the Exarch gear for the Farseer and give him a reversed paint scheme (swap the places of red and black around). 

Well, there you have it! I've listed all my conversion ideas (so far!) and I should have a test model (a warlock on bike to be exact) completed by the end of the week so you can expect that soon.

Stay tuned for more updates...


  1. Hey man, good work on ordering the bits. I have a lot of those extra power weapons from the Dire Avengers kits, I think I will be making a storm guardian squad with them eventually.

    The wings on those ones on dakka are from the Wraithlord kit, and the head is from a Dark Eldar Wyches box. Some farseers have separate heads... I think the one with the spear.

    Oh, and the old torsos are flat mounted, whereas the new guardian/DA torsos are round mounted. You'll need to assemble the torsos and then carefully saw off the rounded nub for them to fit, then maybe even greenstuff the resulting gap... hope this helps. Good luck :D

  2. Thanks :D and I can see how that would work, I'd try and paint them slightly more toned down as the sword is quite detailed and is something which looks like it shouldn't be on every model; so they toned down scheme would make it fit in better with the Guardians.

    And thanks for the source on those pieces, although, I plan to keep the Jetbikes pretty much like the Guardian ones, I'll try and diversify them more with the paint job.

    I build up on as test one last night and I found that out about the torsos then! All it took to get the torso flat at the correct height was to cut off the bottom two squares on his 'six pack'. The only other work required was to trim a few bits off the backpack, but nothing major.

    I'm halfway through painting it at the moment, I'm going for a slightly darker red on the jetbikes than normal, I'm thinking of keeping the rider mainly a blood red shade, but painting the body of the bike more of a scab red shade, what do you guys think?

    (Expect WIP pictures up in the next few days)


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